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"Mutual Feelings"

Saint Valentine's Day… a day that is ironically coupled with an ambiguous meaning. While it a time for celebrating love, it is a time resented by those who do not have it; their thoughts made all the more bitter as they scramble to find anything close resembling a romantic relationship.

Then there are those who simply don't give a cuss.

The best example of those people are often found drowning themselves in their local Bar, and on the very evening of the loved and loathed February the 14th sat the hard shelled, cynical, vulgar and comically short Speckles. The Bar that night was particularly crowded with miserable patrons hoping to escape their loveless lives, except Speckles wasn't there for any special reason; she just liked getting drunk there. Her mood however, was all the more grouchy as she suspected the extra people might drain the liquor supplies faster. That would ruin her night, and then everyone else within punching range.

"Oi you damn lousy barkeep, I didn't tell you to stop making with the whiskey!" She spat at the nearest tender. The wolf sprang another shot glass opened a fresh bottle with nothing but a small frown; both used to the dirty insults and all too aware of the consequences if he so much as annoyed the rowdy white dragon. "Bout time, put it on the tab" grumbled Specks, even though the server didn't need the cue, it just gave her something to vent at.
The entire night would have gone on that way, along with some chain smoking and a very likely random punch up to let off some steam. But a moment after Speckles had downed the shot that the Bar door let in the cold, and another customer; a female kangaroo wearing a tank-top, head wrap and brandishing gold earrings on her left side.
The marsupial was greeted by a few hoots and whistles from some customers, which she retaliated with a fierce stare that promptly shut them up, and return to their games and poisons. Letting out a exasperated sigh the roo made her way to the bench and sat down on one of the few seats vacant… right next to Speckles. That chair was empty for a reason, but the newcomer was hardly aware and too fed up to give a toss. "Carlton Draught thanks" she asked, "Pardon?" replied the wolf bartender.

"You know Carlton Draught? No? How about Cascade Premium?"

"Nope, sorry"

"Crown Larger?"

The Barman shook his head.


"We don't have any of those here"

"Ahh to hell with it! Just give me the flamin' house pot!"
The wolf poured out a glass of sickly brown liquid, which the newcomer grabbed at with frustration "Cheers" she said sarcastically and downed it within several gulps, grimacing at the last mouthful "Another" came the order. "Are you opening a tab?" the pourer asked. "I guess, put it under 'Sheila'" she replied and drank the second glass with more speed and reluctance than the first.
"Are you some kind of arty farty type? Or were you just born dumb?" remarked Specks as she finally took notice of the lack of space on her right side. This Shelia that she could see through the frowning haze in her eyes was fitting for the name, very easy on the eyes; which was why she hadn't shoved her off her stool yet. But she wasn't going to let her know that… right away. Shelia looked left then down "I'm not here to argue drink habits mate, I just want to forget this damned night before I bust a fuse". "Then quit drinking that swill you got there and have something that's got taste" snapped Specks "Hey fancy pants! Make with the Wild Turkey 'n' Coke!" she yelled "On her tab!". Another bottle appeared on the table along with a fresh bubbling glass; not caring enough to refuse Shelia took a swig, taking time to let the drink run over her tongue. Satisfied, she drained it then flagged for a refill and resumed a steady pattern. "Good thing you like that, better than what you'd find wherever the hell you're from!" smirked the albino.  "Pfft, you want me to say thanks or something? I bet you've never tried any proper beer in your life if you ain't got any of what I said just then" snarled Shelia. Specks rolled her eyes "Aww I couldn't bear it if you said thanks, I'd get sooo mushy".
"Well then what?" came the reply.
"Cause if you're gonna sit next to me, then you're gonna drink what I say you can drink or get out".

The pale menace didn't intimidate Shelia, compared to all the bar encounters back home, this was just a little itch on her back. Instead she slowly drained drink after drink, letting the buzz settle in her head and ease her mind from the load of bad luck she recently had.
Eventually, the suffering in silence overcame her stubbornness. She needed to past the time with some sort of conversation, no matter how pointless. "So who'd you drop out with?" Shelia asked.
"Say what now?" Specks groggily raised her head from the haphazard row of shot glasses she had around her.
"Did you dump someone before you came here? Or just didn't manage to find anyone?"
"Missy do you speak English at all? Eeeennglish! Spreaknsy any?"
Sheila was mildly confused "What you didn't have a date or anything? You know it's Valentine's day don't you?"
This sent Speckles into a fit of throaty laughter "Gaah why the freak would I care about that load of bull?" she pulled a mock puckering expression "Let's all fall in luuurve cause some dead guy thought that it was all holy an… wait oh don't tell me!" Her laughter rose above the rowdy chatter "Bwa ha ha ha! You fell like a cripple without his crutches for someone didn't you!"
"Ahh never mind you stupid bit…"

"Hey can I get a Fuzzy Navel over here?" A happily intoxicated Jackal stumbled between the pair and nearly toppled the Wild Turkey Speckles had "Yowza I ain't never seen a lady as different or as sassy as you!" he slurred at Sheila, "Names Anubis, you 'may' of heard of me" he snickered "How's about you and me go my high-rise hotel room for a bitta 'star gazing'".

"A Fuzzy Navel!? Get lost ya friggen pansy man!" Shelia threw a swift punch that collided right between the Demigod's eyes, and sent him sprawling. "Waah!" he wailed as he fell, then groveled away from the bench out of fear and humiliation, sobbing the whole time. Despite the slightly uncalled for act on the man, Sheila couldn't help but chuckle a little.

"I take it you treat all men that way?" she asked.

"Any who piss me off, which is pretty much all of them." Specks replied bluntly "Men are just a waste of time, space and booze".

"Well that's something I can't argue with right now".

Specks blinked at the remark "So come on then, who's the guy who broke your poor heart?" she teased. Shelia snorted on her fifth Turkey and Coke "Does it even matter now? The guy was a yobbo in gents clothing, would've been better off not knowing him at all. Certainly putt me off dating for a long while". This didn't fail to put a devious grin on Speckles face "I wouldn't worry darlin'; there's plenty of good nights to be had". The sudden change of tone confused the kangaroo "Who made you the butt of consolation?" "What makes you ask?" Specks pried. Sheila shook her head in a vain attempt to rid herself of her sluggishness "A moment ago you were laughing your ass off cause of my unhappy night".
"Trust me girl, it could be a whole lot worse… and a whole lot better" Speckles mad a sly move closer to Sheila and subtlety stroked her hand up on the inside of her leg. Sheila realization hit her like a mad Angus Bull rush and she immediately kicked the hand away with alarming force.
"Forget it you albino midget, I don't bloody well swing that way; especially not for someon… no, something like you!" With that Sheila pushed herself away from the bar and left in a huff, making sure to slam the door behind her.

Speckles steadied herself on the stool, slowly propping herself up whilst under the influence of so many servings. She looked closely at her hand, already beginning to show a bruise, then smiled, and lit a cigarette; relishing the smoke before she slowly exhaled.
She may have blown her chance with that girl tonight, but if it was one thing that could be admired about her at all… it's that she was persistent.
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This is my Contest entry for :iconrazzek:'s Valentines Day Contest for her OC's.

I'm not an artist myself so the best I could manage is a short story of what I would think would likely happen if the featured OC's interacted with one another.

If you enjoy this piece of work, I'd much appreciate it if you voted for it when the polls for the comp are open :D. Just keep an eye on :iconrazz-comics: for all entries as well as the rules and conditions if you want to enter yourself :).

-Cover Artwork and all Characters belong to :iconrazzek:.

-Story belongs to Me.
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Snow22 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I loved it! You're a great writer!
Scorch-Trygve Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011
Aww thanks :aww:.
Snow22 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:meow: Well it's the truth!
StarGriffin Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
Awwwh, such a great story! :clap::icondragonspif:
I found the story both well-written and very engaging. :XD: *Heheee, albino midget...* :thumbsup::D
Razzek Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
I think I'm going to take down the version of this that's at Razz-Comics and have this version there instead. :) That way, when it comes time for the judging, people can find your gallery easier. :)
Scorch-Trygve Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011
Ok then, thanks :).
Razzek Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
I just put in the request and all it needs is your approval. :)
StephDragonness Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
excellent.... story is very well written.... u would realy win
Scorch-Trygve Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
Thank you :aww:.
LegendEffects Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol lovely story.
Now, as I do on every Interesting storyline, I quote.
And for this is:
"Eeeennglish! Spreaknsy any?"
Scorch-Trygve Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
Lol, thanks for reading :).
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